Montag, 3. Dezember 2007

Saeta DC-3 HC-AVQ

Guayaquil, June 1972 (Propfreak Collection)

SAETA (Sociedad Anonima Ecuatoriana de Transportes Aéreos) started operations in 1966. In 1971 HC-AVQ joined the fleet when she was bought from Bahamas Airways. Originally build in 1944 for the USAF, she later served with the RAF before entering civil life with BEA. After spending time with Cyprus Airways, Silver City Airways and Skyways she crossed the pond again to fly for Bahamas Airways. HC-AVQ and her 2 sisterships were used to establish domestic air links in Ecuador. When Viscounts and Caravelles where acquired their days were numbered. HC-AVQ was sold to Air Sunshine in February 1977. In the late nineties the old Dakota was again flying in the Caribbean, operated by Four Star Aviation and Virgin Islands International Airways. By 1989 her luck run out and she was hit by a hurricane while parked at St.Thomas. 2 years later the oldtimer was scrapped.

Southwest Air Lines YS-11 JA8787

Japan, December 1985 (Propfreak Collection)

Southwest Air Lines was founded by Japan Air Lines (JAL) in 1967 to operate routes to Okinawa. 8 YS-11s were used on domestic services. JA8787 "Sotetsu" was delivered in 1974 and served the airline till 1997 when she migrated to the Philippines to soldier on for Asian Spirit who had her still in service in 2007.

TACA BAC 1-11 YS-17C

Miami, June 1987 (Propfreak Collection)

TACA El Salvador ordered 2 new BAC 1-11-400s and YS-17C was the first example delivered in 1966. Appropriately named "El Centroamericano" she served the Central American carrier until 1990 when she was sold to Winchester Aircraft Financing who sold the "pocket rocket" further on to Nigerian Kabo Air. 2 years later she was scrapped after the Nigerian CAA grounded all BAC 1-11s.

Viasa Douglas DC-8-53 PH-DCM

Zurich, July 1969 (Propfreak Collection)

PH-DCM was delivered new to KLM in June 1961 and named "Henry Dunant", after the founder of the Red Cross and first winner of the Peace Nobel Prize. Cooperation with Viasa Venezuela was tight and KLM DC-8s were used on the European network. KLM finally sold PH-DCM to the Venezuelan carrier in 1974. The DC-8 was broken up at Opa-Locka, Florida, in 1985.

Monarch Bristol Britannia 312 G-AOVT

Basle, October 1973 (Propfreak Collection)

Luton based Monarch Airlines operated 8 Series 300 Bristol Britannia aircraft on charter flights, mainly throughout Europe. G-AOVT was acquired from British Eagle in 1968 and flew with the British carrier until 1974 when she was sold to Invicta International. G-AOVT is a proud exhibit at Duxford museum, again in the eyecatching yellow Monarch scheme.