Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

Cargolux CL-44 TF-LLF

Hongkong-Kai Tak, early 70s (Propfreak Collection)

TF-LLF was the first CL-44 for Loftleidir and was delivered in 1964. Before regular passenger service started she was used as a demonstrator by Canadair. Built as a CL-44-D4-8 she was converted to J standard in 1966, being called the "Rolls Royce 400 Jet Prop" by the Icelandic carrier. Loftleidir used their CL-44s on trans-atlantic Luxemburg-New York, via Reykjavik, services. With their 160 seat all-economy layout, they were popular with passengers and crews alike. Converted to a she was delivered as a freighter Cargolux in 1972 - Cargolux was originally founded by Loftleidir and Swedish Shipping Company as Salloft. In 1970 when Luxair bought a stake the airline was renamed Cargolux. The cargo carrier operated a fleet of 5 CL-44s on their worldwide cargo network. TF-LLC was sold to Cargosur in 1976 and has seen many leases and last been used by Aer Turas of Ireland and Heavylift as EI-BRP before being scrapped at Southend at the end of 1992.

Saeta Boeing 707 HC-BLY

Quito, December 1989 (photo by Propfreak)

Built for Trans World Airlines in October 1963 she served for the US carrier until sold to Aerotal Colombia in 1981 - being parked for 2 years until a buyer could be found. Aerotal used her for 2 years before she was parked again. In 1985 Ecuadorian Saeta decided to add the jet to their fleet which consisted of a sole Boeing 727-95 at the time. HC-BLY entered service and was often seen at Miami during that time. I was lucky enough to sample a domestic flight on the Quito-Guayaquil route shelling out an astonishing 20 US$ for the 30 minutes flight. The 707 was scrapped at Quito in 1993.

Classic Air DC-3 HB-ISC

Switzerland, December 1998 (Propfreak Collection)

Zurich based Classic Air used 2 DC-3s for pleasure flights from 1985 until 2003. In 1998 ISC was painted into this striking scheme promoting the perfume label Alrodo. HB-ISC still resides in Switzerland, owned privately, and has been seen recently in a metallic color scheme with Swissair titles at the nose performing at several airshows throughout Switzerland.

Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

United Air Service HS.748 7P-LAI

South Africa, December 1983 (Propfreak Collection)

This 1970 built Hawker was originally owned by French carrier Rousseau Aviation which leased her to SATA Air Acores until being sold to Air Botswana in 1975. United Air came into the picture when they acquired the turboprop in 1981 and leased her straight away to Air Comores as ZS-LHN. When returned half a year later she spent a year with United Air before being leased to Zambia Airways and registered with Lesotho markings as 7P-LAI. She was returned to United Air in early 1984 and sold to Canada in 1986 where she still soldiers on in the colors of Wasaya Airways.

Pegasus Club DC-6 N90710

Miami, December 1976 (Propfreak Collection)

St Louis, Missouri, based Pegasus Club was founded in 1967 and used two DC-6s and one Convair 240 during their 8 years of doing business. This former American Airlines "straight 6" was delivered in 1947 and the 23rd DC-6 which rolled off the production line. At the time of the picture taken she was already stored for a year, owned by Lloyd Aero Corporation, and to be scrapped soon.

Pinehurst Airlines YS-11 N102PH

USA, early 1980s (Propfreak Collection)

Pinehurst operated a fleet of 20 different Japanese NAMC YS-11s over the years. N112PH was built in 1967 and delivered to Brazilian Cruzeiro do Sul, which leased her to Austral of Argentina in 1968. Shortly afterwards she was returned to the manufacturer and leased to Korean Air Lines. A year later KAL purchased the turboprop and kept her in service till the end of 1974. The Philippines was the next port of call. Philippine Air Lines used her on her domestic network until sold to Pinehurst in 1981. Only 2 years of service with the North Carolina based carrier - she later was operated by Trans Central Airlines, Simmons Airlines and finally Airborne Express who used her as a parcel freighter.

President Airlines Antonov AN-24B XU-335

Phnom Penh, January 2003 (Propfreak collection)

President Airlines started operations in 1997 with a mixed Russian and Western fleet compromising of Boeing 737s, Fokker F27/28s as well as Antonov aircraft.
XU-335 is a former Russian Air Force example and she served with several Cambodian carriers in her career. Nowadays she is displayed at Sihanoukville downtown as a night-club attraction.

Seulawah Air ATL-98A Carvair VH-INM

Australia, July 1975 (Propfreak collection)

Built in April 1945 as a C-54E-5-DO, a USAF variant, she only spent half a year in military service. Reconfigured to a DC-4, she was sold to Pan American World Airways before being sold to Japan Air Lines which operated her until 1965. Then acquired by Ansett Australia to converte her into a ATL-98A Carvair, one of 21 DC-4s converted. A sale to Indonesia's Seulawah Air didn't materialize but the airplane was then sold to Nationwide Air of New Zealand. In June 1990 she departed NZ for a new home with Hawaii Pacific Air before finally being sold to South Africa in 1996. There she is registered to Phoebus Apollo as 9J-PAA and in the process of being rebuild. Once finished, this will be the last airworthy Carvair.

Uganda Airlines Boeing 707 5X-UAL

Brussels, September 1976 (Propfreak Collection)

Assigned construction number 18580, Boeing B707-321C operated her first flight on 6th of April 1963. She was delivered to Pan American as "Clipper Jupiter" and registered N766PA. In September 1976 she found her way to Uganda Airlines but survived only for 2 years when she was destroyed by Tanzanian troops on 1st of April 1979.