Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2007

Finnish Air Force DC-3 DO-11

Bern Belp, July 1971 (Propfreak Collection)

DC-3A-453 was destined for Pan American but not taken up. Instead she went to the USAF as a C-53C in December 1942. She was in store at Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, when the state of Finnland acquired her for service with Aero Oy. As OH-LCH she served the airline till 1960. She was dismantled for spare parts, but emerged again in 1963 converted to a freighter and registered again as OH-LCH to Finnair Oy (the descendant of Aero Oy). She was sold to the Air Force in March 1970 and served as DO-11 till 1985 when all DC-3s were retired from the Air Force. Airverteran Oy bought her and again she took to the air as OH-LCH. 65 years old and the old lady is still flown regularly on the European airshow circuit.

Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel, 16th September 2007 (Propfreak)