Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

Pinehurst Airlines YS-11 N102PH

USA, early 1980s (Propfreak Collection)

Pinehurst operated a fleet of 20 different Japanese NAMC YS-11s over the years. N112PH was built in 1967 and delivered to Brazilian Cruzeiro do Sul, which leased her to Austral of Argentina in 1968. Shortly afterwards she was returned to the manufacturer and leased to Korean Air Lines. A year later KAL purchased the turboprop and kept her in service till the end of 1974. The Philippines was the next port of call. Philippine Air Lines used her on her domestic network until sold to Pinehurst in 1981. Only 2 years of service with the North Carolina based carrier - she later was operated by Trans Central Airlines, Simmons Airlines and finally Airborne Express who used her as a parcel freighter.