Montag, 14. April 2008

Government of Oman VC-10 A4O-AB

Zurich, February 1981 (Propfreak)

This beauty used to be quite a frequent guest at Zurich. - Originally delivered to British United in October 1964 as G-ASIX. In 1970 BUA merged with Caledonian Airways and became British Caledonian whose colors she then received. In 1974 she was sold to the Omani Government and she was converted to a VIP jet at Hurn. A lounge, two bedrooms and a staff section for 32 passengers was installed and finally being adorned with a pretty paintcoat she left for her new life as a flying palace at the Arabian Gulf. She flew 13 years with the Sultan of Oman. She is now on display at the Brooklands Museum where she landed on the 6th of August 1987.