Freitag, 14. November 2008

CAMBA Martin 404 CP-1570

La Paz, September 1986 (Propfreak Collection - photo by M.Siegrist)

Martin 404 N40432 was one of a batch of 41 aircraft for Trans World Airlines. She first flew on 11th of July, 1952 and served 7 years as "Mainliner Detroit" before being sold to Pacific Air Lines. After severeal private Traveller Club's like Fiesta Air, Stardusters, Lake Los Angeles she found her way down south to Bolivia to join 2 sisters which were already earning their keep in the harsh surroundings operating as cargo/meat haulers to the Beni, the Bolivia lowlands. CAMBA (Comercializadora Aérea Mixta Boliviana) received their first Martin in 1976. Until the next year 2 more machines were added. Bad luck struck when one aircraft was lost at El Peru (Bolivia), when cattle was on the runway and the Martin overran. Replacement was found with CP-1570, which arrived in the early 80s and operated until 1987 when a forced belly landing was carried out at Paraparau, when one of the Pratt & Whitney R-2800 engines backfired and she was damaged beyond economic repair.