Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

Cargolux CL-44 TF-LLF

Hongkong-Kai Tak, early 70s (Propfreak Collection)

TF-LLF was the first CL-44 for Loftleidir and was delivered in 1964. Before regular passenger service started she was used as a demonstrator by Canadair. Built as a CL-44-D4-8 she was converted to J standard in 1966, being called the "Rolls Royce 400 Jet Prop" by the Icelandic carrier. Loftleidir used their CL-44s on trans-atlantic Luxemburg-New York, via Reykjavik, services. With their 160 seat all-economy layout, they were popular with passengers and crews alike. Converted to a she was delivered as a freighter Cargolux in 1972 - Cargolux was originally founded by Loftleidir and Swedish Shipping Company as Salloft. In 1970 when Luxair bought a stake the airline was renamed Cargolux. The cargo carrier operated a fleet of 5 CL-44s on their worldwide cargo network. TF-LLC was sold to Cargosur in 1976 and has seen many leases and last been used by Aer Turas of Ireland and Heavylift as EI-BRP before being scrapped at Southend at the end of 1992.